An innovative approach to music teaching based on the Kodály Concept of Music Education. The first in a series of guidebooks for music teachers and musicians. By Sr Karol O’Connell OSB MA – Kylemore Abbey

Workbook No 1

Music Workbook for Junior and Senior Infants. An introduction to rhythm, pitch, melody and composition.

Workbook No 2

This workbook, No 2 in the series, is a direct continuation of the first Workbook for Junior and Senior Infants.

Workbook No 3

This workbook for 2nd class, No 3 in the series, is designed to provide a clear introduction to many musical concepts.

Workbook No 4

This workbook, No 4 in the series, is a workbook for 3rd class – a direct continuation of Workbook No 3.

Workbook No 5

The fifth in the series – an introduction to new rhythms, pitch development, melody, composition and more…